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Automatic Oil and Heating Delivery

Let us keep you warm all throughout the year with our automatic delivery plan. We’ll monitor your fuel usage and make a delivery before you run low. We make sure to adjust for weather conditions so you’re never left in the cold! We pride ourselves in our no run-out record!

Call For Delivery

If you prefer to call to schedule your own delivery, we’re happy to accommodate that too. Please make sure to call well before your tank is empty! An empty tank requires a start-up which is an extra charge. If you call us by 8:00 am, we’ll do our best for same day delivery but guarantee next day.

Give Denise at C.W. Knight Oil & Heating in the office a call today. 860-455-0658

Same-Day Oil Deliveries Call us today 860-455-0658

We Treat Our Oil with Fuel Stabilizer

Stabilizer is used to prevent new sludge, dispersant to remove existing sludge, detergent to clean lines and nozzles, corrosion inhibitor to protect the storage tank from rust and corrosion which eliminates unnecessary service calls.

Please Keep Your Fill Pipe Clear!

Snow, leaves, and shrubs can all get in the way making delivery more difficult. After a snowfall, please shovel a path for our delivery team. Also, please do not allow any pets in the delivery area while the crew is on site.

Clearly Display Your House Number

It’s important, not just for us but for emergency crews, to clearly display your house number!

Heating and Oil Delivery Service Areas